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My name is Mattie Williams and I am the owner of the Everything Mall.


I worked as a professional analyst for the past 25 years.  I retired in 2003 and being to work in internet marketing. I also enjoy making an designing beaded jewelry.

Purchasing products with a touch of a mouse is very appealing in this Internet age, because with our intense work and life schedules, sometimes we just don’t have time to visit a store or shopping mall. The Everything Mall was created to offer an array of quality products and services from retailers that you know and trust in one place.  Also this mall is a place share or pass on anything that might be informative and useful  The freebies category will feature an array of information including job sites, at home employment opportunities, recipes, affiliate marketing, crafting ideas, money making ideas and so many other topics.  The Mall is designed for easy navigation and there are many categories for you to choose from and more are being added daily.

Click a category name to the far left of the screen to open a listing of stores or links for browsing. Click any banner to be directed to a merchant’s website. There will be new shopping sites added frequently as well as other informative information.

I greatly appreciate you stopping by and hopefully you will become a fan as well as a customer.  Please bookmark the site.


Thanks For Visiting